• Exclusively in Switzerland: Access ONLY for couples (lady and gentleman)
  • Dresscode: There are few limits as far as your apparel is concerned. Erotic clothing befitting the club's atmosphere, however, is a requirement which is very dear to us! 
  • Wearing casual street-wear is not permitted!
  • Personal hygiene is of paramount importance to us and is considered a basic requirement for a visit!
  • Please bring lotion for your own massage
  • On request, use our club's own ribbons to signalize your preferences: white = passive, black = active.
    Their use is by far no requirement. It is solely intended as an aid for those who wish to signalize faster what it is they would like.
  • Your are kindly requested to shower and freshen up after any erotic activity before seating yourself at the bar or entering the restaurant.
  • Brining your own alcoholic beverages is generally not permitted.
  • Smoking is permitted in the SMOKERS' LOUNG and in outside areas. In all other areas smoking is strictly forbidden!
  • Good manners towards other couples and the CC team are considered to be self-evident and are a prerequisite to any access!
  • Sexual activities in the spa, baths, showers, sauna etc. are not permitted.
  • Bathing in the grotto spa and the whirlpool only permitted in the nude. No clothing allowed!
  • A closed door remains closed. Please respect private sphere!
  • Any infringement of these rules may lead to expulsion. 
  • We accept all currencies. However, we only accept cash - no credit cards.
  • We'd highly appreciate it if you presented the exact amount of the entrance fee.