We warmly welcome you to the world of experience of our crystal cave, the classy lifestyle-club exclusively for couples (lady and gentleman).

Much an experience lead us to the decision to open the doors of the first Swiss world of experience exclusively for couples on December 27, 2001.

The key to a successful concept are many small but equally important cornerstones. The CC crew consists of various indispensable and responsible members. Only this allows us to meet afresh every day's challenges. The catering is probably the most prominent of our services. Taking good care of our guests requires much attention as well as dedication to detail. Maintenance, reparations and continuous observation of our facilities are also vital for success.

With years of experience in our bags, we made the dream happen over 12 years ago. In the meantime, our CC established itself and became an integral part of the Swiss and European swinger-scene.
From the outset, we agreed on one aspect of the concept: We would offer our club to couples exclusively.
Below you will find a historical outline of our world of experience exclusively for couples:

2001 grand opening
2002 already realization of a first expansion
2003 opening of the open-air premises (180m2)
2004 opening of the out-door pool
2008 expansion of the effective floor area to 900m2, including fascination theme worlds
2009 implementation of the new room-concept in the conservatory / restaurant
2009 Our CC was made conform to the new legal framework: Establishment of our "Louis Philippe Smoker's Lounge" built in line with the style of the 18th century epoch.
2010 further dedicated remodeling which lead to new attractive rooms
2011 further visions are transformed into reality! The following modifications and renovations were realized: open-space showers, wardrobe, SM-rooms, grotto-spa, Roman massage-parlor, Roman spa, massage-room with water-bed.
2012 All works completed, the new areas were inaugurated on February 7.
Our dear customers now have a modern lifestyle-club with fascinating theme worlds at their disposition!

Our motto is: We're already manifesting the impossible for you, miracles we're about to organize...

What the crystal cave offers you:

• Exclusively in Switzerland: Entry ONLY for couples (lady and gentleman). 

• Each couple is given a CC member card as a loyalty bonus (full card = 1 free entry).

• We offer you a buffet with culinary delights: cold and warm dishes as well as tasty dessert specialties. 

• Meet like-minded guests at the jungle bar.

• Relax in our crystal cave, lean back and enjoy your well-being.

• While tanning on our sun deck, have a casual chat, sip a delicious drink and simply enjoy.

• Experience up close the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the entrances to the caves.

• Live your lust to the fullest in our experience-spaces.

• Lean back and relax in the Roman or grotto spa.

• Enjoy the varied and fascinating theme worlds as you will only encounter them in the crystal cave.

• Your sensuous experience and unique well-being is underlined by soft tunes and current pop music in all rooms.

• Erotic movies inspire to join in. 

New-arrivals often ask themselves: How do we dress? 

Gentlemen may combine discreet briefs with a body and ladies may wear a corsage or a combination of panties, bra and suspenders. Discreet vinyl and leather apparel are also much appreciated. The main point is not to walk about stark naked but, instead, in apparel which befits the club-atmosphere and makes us feel at ease. Less welcome are unerotic makeshift solutions such as a profane bath-towel around the hips or casual street-wear. In case you do not have a suitable outfit, no problem: The crystal cave offers you the fitting accessories in the small club-boutique. As a general rule: "Anything is possible, nothing is binding"